Monday, November 5, 2012

Robin Stjernberg - Scars

Idol-2011 runner-up Robin Stjernberg is a top-candidate to take part in next season of Melodifestivalen and this weekend he has premiered his new single "Scars" to be released on Wednesday.
The song has turned to be an amazing progression of Robin's "All This Way" and "On My Mind". Though "All This Way" was mainly a pop-song with a dance-beat and rock-energy, "On My Mind" has crossed pop-rock line and "Scars" has gone even rockier with all that perfect pop-growth of the song. The moments when Robin goes pitchy high in choruses are still the most effective about his singles bringing some extra-power to a whole pack based on a great tune. You can check live-performance and I bet it's not any worse than studio-version.

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