Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Robin Bengtsson - Cross the Universe

Robin Bengtsson (3rd place of Idol-2008 - Anna Bergendahl, Kevin Borg, Alice Svensson) is finally back with a new and very good single "Cross the Universe".
After his first post-Idol attempt "Another Lover's Gone" released back in 2009 Robin never was away presenting his acoustic covers and being involved earlier this year in Byz's single "Tjena, Tjena, Tjena".
But now it's time for Robin's own single which was co-written by him with Linnea Debb, Joy Debb and Robin Stjernberg. Linnea and Joy were involved in Ulrik Munther's platinum single "Soldiers" and "Cross the Universe" feels on the one hand like a logical progression of "Another Lover's Gone" and on the other hand it sounds like a more mature version of "Soldiers" starting with just a singer's voice and guitar in a simple sing-a-long combination and rushing on you with a massive beat of the chorus.
Great pop-comeback which I hope won't be followed by another releasing break.

Robin Bengtsson - Cross The Universe (100Songs) by 100 SONGS

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