Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Amanda Jenssen - Hymns For The Haunted

Wonderful Amanda Jenssen presents third album "Hymns For The Haunted" today, soon we'll know if it'll become as successful as her previous two albums but already now you can check how good is it. During the last week Amanda presented album tracks on Spotify and soon they were leaking at youtube so if you don't live in Sweden you can check them anyway.
I should say that though I expected Amanda to make a darkest and deepest record of her discography, it hasn't happened, it's probably the poppiest but not any less atmospheric than previous albums. Amanda to the bone with her love to retro-pop but at the same time quite various combining soul and jazzy-party vibes with some melancholic beatiful ballads.
My absolute favorite is "Volcano Swing" - the track of "Happyland" and "Amarulla Tree" family and also dramatic cabaret "Thunderful Jolene" and Spanish-flavoured "Boom". One of the best Swedish albums of the year.

Dry My Soul
Open The Lid
Michael's Garden
Light And Easy
Lay Down
The Carnival

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