Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ulrich Bermsjö & Titiyo - Tarantula

Ex-Nouveau Riche Ulrich Bermsjö keeps promoting his solo-album "Those Who Suffer Love" I was talking about few months ago.
Since this summer he has managed to release quite contraversial video for the next beautiful and utterly dark single "Silence and I" and now he presents new video for another album track "Tarantula" recorded with not less than Titiyo!
The song keeps common mystic direction of the album, this is relaxed minimalistic piano-based ballad with a slight 90s feeling and Titiyo's vocals becoming a really nice atmospheric feature of the track.

Ulrich Bermsjö & Titiyo "Tarantula" from Ulrich Bermsjö on Vimeo.

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