Thursday, November 29, 2012

Håkan Hemlin - Fri

I already told you about Nordman's Håkan Hemlin turning to a solo-career last year. His colleague Mats also had pretty active solo music life lately, guys were performing together as Nordman but now we have a new Håkan's single "Fri" so it seems like we're not going to get fresh Nordman's release soon.
Anyway Håkan's fans shouln't be upset as the new single has turned to be an awesome dramatic rock-song starting with beautiful piano-based verse going epic in chorus, this is like Nordman rejecting its folk-background and adopting U2's "Beautiful Day". I wouldn't refuse to see how good it could go for Håkan if he'd enter Melodifestivalen with the song like this and I hope I'll get a chance once.

Lyssna: Fri - Håkan Hemlin

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