Friday, November 30, 2012

Lena Philipsson in Tack för musiken

This year's Niklas Strömstedt's series of TV shows "Tack för musiken" has started with Lena Philipsson. So we've got a hour of nice friendly chats, spontaneus acoustic covers and sure a lot of Lena's hits made with live band. Below you can check the list of performed songs and the opening one - "Kärleken är evig". Next weeks you'll be able to see Plura, Darin, Lisa Nilsson, Tomas Ledin and Anna Ternheim visiting Niklas but now you can check the whole show here.

19.00 Bästa vänner
27.16 Taking Care Day
29.00 Lena Anthem
31.32 På Gatan Där Jag Bor
45.08 Helt själv
51.09 Det gör ont
54.30 Världen snurrar

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