Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sarah Dawn Finer - Den Andra Kvinnan

Sarah Dawn Finer's new album "Sanningen kommer om natten" has become her 4th Top-3 which says that Sarah is a rare case of the artist born at Melodifestivalen who can moving on without taking part in the contest quite long. She seems very comfortable with her new music image and today she visited Nyhetmorgon to perform some tracks from the album.
One of them "Den Andra Kvinnan" I'd recommend to check to those people who still have pop-Sarah in English as their favorite. The song (if we take it separately imagining this is the first sarah's Swedish track) is basically not that far from old Sarah's tracks like "Does She Know You" - right that sort of dramatic piano-based ballad beautifuly growing with Sarah's powerful voice. You can also check performances of other album tracks "Vasastan" and "Med dig vid min sida".


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