Sunday, November 4, 2012

Guéna LG feat. Gravitonas - Brighter (Dark Remix)

Already hungry for a new Gravitonas' music? It's alright, basically project never makes a big intervals between releases and fans have a right to demand for some more music though EP "Hyperborea" was out just a month ago.
French DJ Guena LG has got the band involved in his new single "Brighter" which is already out in remix that you can listen here or below. The song is a big house-track which isn't anything too unexpected for Gravitonas as we always get a lot of club-mixes of their singles. But it's a house-track including Gravitonas' vocal-line with all the mystery and atmosphere you can't mix up with any other artist, so it's going to be a worthy filler of a pause till the next band's EP.

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