Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kate Boy - Northern Lights

If you'll ask me who has become the biggest breakthrough of 2012 in Swedish music, Niki & The Dove and Icona Pop will be in the very top of the list. Both projects have brought a fresh feeling of pop in Sweden and trends they've started will definitely get some new names who will keep developing these trends.
Kate Boy seems to be absolutely new project making debut with the single "Northern Lights" and you can directly feel the level of both Icona Pop and Niki & The Dove (and you know how good they were accepted abroad this year). Basically it's right that sort of impulsive electropop (pure electropop that could have a folk-heart if it had) winning you over by appealing tune and beautiful mystic production. Though probably has a bit more adaptive wrap for the first time listeners and more straight hit-feeling than its forerunners.
Thanks for the great tip to our reader Hans and check the song right now!

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