Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mila - Lucifer

Remember those girls coming to audition dressed as Siamese twins but one of them has turned to have a real talent? That was Jamilla Idris and though being my personal early favorite she hasn't qualified to the final stage and soon has turned to a model path taking part in Sveriges Top Model contest.
Now Jamilla is back to a music career and lately was working on upcoming EP under the name Mila being signed by Norlie & KKV's management. The first sneak peek of it is the single "Lucifer" she was working on with Lorenzo Kilman Jansson. This is very dark sort of electronic (should I even say pop?) stuff with Mila's muted vocals and haunted tune. I guess I'd have a hard time understanding how should I relate to this track if it wouldn't be Jamilla I was waiting so much. But as it's she I directly put this project into a spot of my attention and believe something really special is waiting for us. The first step is already very special!

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