Thursday, March 15, 2012

Robin Stjernberg - On My Mind

Idol-2012 runner-up Robin Stjernberg works hard on solo-career. His debut album "My Versions" has become #1 in Sweden and Robin keeps recording new stuff, we can check the result of process held in studio since Idol final already now.
New Robin's single "On My Mind" is presented with new video and it feels like a great follow-up of "All This Way", it's a pop-rock track with all its beautiful growth you can expect from Idol winning track and Robin vocally giving all extra he's able to give making extremely high notes. "On My Mind" is very summerish and modern so Robin gets it as a good card to present himself during summer pop-festivals.
By the way special kudos to Robin for inviting our another Idol-favorite Amanda Persson to take part in video.

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