Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lova Sönnerbo - Mitt Mod

Junior Eurovision is back as a small entertainment of ESC-fans between actual contest for adults and SVT has taken part again. Sweden was represented by Lova Sönnerbo who has won national selection with her ballad "Mitt Mod" which could be in theory perfomed by both Sonja Aldén and Melissa Horn, it sounded like a bridge between classic schlager-ballad and some indie acoustic stuff. The song has taken 6th place at the contest which is the second successful result of Sweden after Molly Sandén's 3rd place at Junior Eurovision-2006 and just like Mimmi Sandén being 6th in 2009.
Check Lova's beautiful performances at summer selection and at Eurovision below. I'm sure we'll hear about this talented girl in future.

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