Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ulrik Munther - Requiem

Ulrik Munther has gathered some serious forces on his upcoming album "Rooftop" which is going to be released on March 6th - Erik Hassle, Christian Waltz and Andreas Mattsson helped him with songs and we can already get a sneak peek of one track - "Requiem".
Just like in "San Francisco Says Hello" you definitely feel the growth of Ulrik's sound, it's still his special American radio-pop direction but more dramatic and epic (darker version of "Fool"?).
This Saturday Ulrik performs at Melodifestivalen stage with the song "Tell the world I’m here" and in a current moment along with Yohio he's the biggest favorite of the competition. Already tomorrow we'll be able to check the snippet of his rehearsal and see if Ulrik's gonna meet all expectations.

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