Saturday, February 16, 2013

Melodifestivalen-2013: 3rd semifinal

Schlager-circus is back in town, this time this town is Skellefteå!
Last week we've got Sean Banan and Louise Hoffsten going to the final, Anton Ewald and duo of Erik Segerstedt and Tone Damli to Andra Chansen while Swedish House Wives have gone out of the game. Very disappointing but still we have more songs to be performed at melostage and let's check what this meloweek has for us.
Eddie Razaz has delivered dance-song with RedOnesque verses and epic club-production of choruses from "Euphoria" songwriters, one of our favorites!
Webbjoker Elin Petersson's acoustic ballad was upgraded by Salem al Fakir though you don't directly feel Salem.
Ravaillacz perform Irish pub-schlager which feels unexpected for Tommy Körberg big ballads.
Amanda Fondell makes dark utterly dramatic ballad with a retro feeling.
Martin Roolinski's performs dance-pop which is quite Modern Talking's "Brother Louie" and "Cheri Cheri Lady" and "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" and... But it's very BWO at the same time so BWO fans shouldn't complain.
State Of Drama makes lighter version of Dead By April's "Crossroads" and Hoobastank "The Reason".
Caroline Af Ugglas grows up tempo after her last participation but still it's very classic Caroline's dramatic album track.
And finally Janet Leon's participates with Agnes-pop, modern disco with a heavy production.
I find Eddie and Janet having the strongest entries this week though Amanda and Martin's songs are quite pleasant too. I expected more from Caroline and State Of Drama but they're not bad at all. But do we still have melowinner hiding in the 4th semifinal?

Eddie Razaz – Alibi (rehearsal)
Elin Petersson – Island (rehearsal)
Ravaillacz – En riktig jävla schlager (rehearsal)
Amanda Fondell – Dumb (rehearsal)
Martin Rolinski – In and Out of Love (rehearsal)
Caroline af Ugglas – Hon har inte (rehearsal)
State of Drama – Falling (rehearsal)
Janet Leon – Heartstrings (rehearsal)

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