Sunday, February 3, 2013

David Lindgren and Yohio to Friends Arena!

Yesterday we've got the first melofinalists of this year and it was unsurprisingly but rightfully David Lindgren and Yohio.
As I said David has delivered the most complete pack giving everything he was expected to give and growing enough this year but the biggest breakthrough was made by Yohio, he has delivered powerful performance, properly energetic and colourful. After I've heard the song it has become my semifinal's favorite and Yohio has made 200% out of it on the stage. Looking at Aftonbladet's poll we can almost don't have doubts he has won semifinal.
I'm also glad that my second favorites Cookies N Beans have qualified, their expressive, emotional performance with "Burning Flags" definitely was their new artisitic step. Eric Gadd also has got a pretty nice spring entry I'd like to put on repeat if I visited this year's schlager-Stockholm in March.
Unfortunately Michael Feiner and Caisa's song hasn't qualified becoming 6th (Mary N'diaye was 5th, Anna Järvinen - 7th and Jay-Jay Johanson - 8th) but it's still one of the best things coming from solo-members of The Attic and I hope this wonderful duo will keep working together.

Mary N'diaye - Gosa
Eric Gadd - Vi kommer aldrig att förlora
Anna Järvinen - Porslin
Jay-Jay Johanson - Paris

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