Monday, April 18, 2011

New sounds from The Attic

How come The Attic guys present so much brilliant new stuff all the time but songs become hits so rarely? But maybe it's better to make some solo-attempts to break through again? At least there's a big chance it'll happen this Summer with new single from Eric Amarillo "Om Sanningen Ska Fram" that already makes success on the radio.
From the first listen "Om Sanningen Ska Fram" has classic The Attic electronic sound with vocal line reminding Patrik Isaksson melodics (tell me if you find this association weird), it's not as soft and poppy as "In Your Eyes" or "The Arrival" but it's incredibly catchy so it can easily become big Summer hit.
Michael Feiner makes two shots with his own track "Vocalise" that he recently has presented on his youtube channel - pretty epic club-track that we're really looking forward and has taken part in recording new dance-track "The Days To Come" with Arno Cost & Arias - and it's probably something closer to The Attic music maybe because of Michael's vocal that you can't mix with someone else.

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