Friday, April 29, 2011

Mohombi - In Your Head

I bet when debut Mohombi's album "Movemeant" was released you thought that all those new leaks and demos will stop rushing all over Internet and we'll get a small Mohombi break. Don't even dream about it!
I can't find at least any drop of official information regarding it but we've got completely stunning Mohombi's leaked cover for The Cranberries "Zombie" - "In Your Head" - from the typical Mohombi-verse you will never guess you're gonna get such a huge sounding chorus "in your head...Mohombi" that sure makes you smile and wondering why wasn't it included into album. What a great single choise could it be?
From another news of Mohombi - his new single with Nicole Scherzinger "Coconut Tree" soon will get a video and we wait so much from it as we use to love Mohombi's videos a lot.
Thanx for the tip to one of our new beloved pop-blogs ILIKEMYMUSIC with really great taste.

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