Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alex Saidac - We Shine

Has Sweden got new dance-wonder or does new single "We Shine" from Alex Saidac sound like the biggest Swedish export dance-pop hope? I'm sure both!
Alex Saidac is completely new name for many and as before she was working as DJ (touring all over Europe) you unlikely heard her name attached to some Swedish pop-releases before, though it makes her debut even more exciting.
Being signed to new Alexander Bard's label SoFo Records she's got help of not less than Jakke Erixson and Oscar Holter and if you've heard The Pusher's music before you'll catch hand of this team in melody of "We Shine" as well. But comparing with The Pusher's stuff "We Shine" is the purest dance-pop with international hit-sound in style of last Ke$ha dance-experiments, you can also find some parallels with Gravitonas that's undoubfully good thing. New Alex's album is expected to arrive already this year and video is to come very soon so we're gonna keep our heads up about this artist further. Cuz we all shine!

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