Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Firefox AK - Boom Boom Boom

Indie-artist Andrea Kellerman more known as Firefox AK prepares her third album "Color The Trees" for release and the first single from it is "Boom Boom Boom" with new video directed by Robin Kempe Robinovich.
Firefox AK has recommended her with latest releases as artist performing in dark electronic but delicate music softened with her light vocal and gentle tunes. As absolute highlight of Firefox AK music I'd recommend you her collaboration with LAID on track "Once I was like you" from second Andrea's album "If I Were A Melody" - stunning club meditative trance-track that turned to be one of our favorite tracks of 2008. Another great electro-track I'd recommend you is "Winter rose" recorded with Tiger Lou.
New single keeps the line of dark melodic and stylish electro-tracks with lighter chorus but still hypnotizing atmosphere quite accessible for those who isn't into this sort of music too much. "Boom Boom Boom" is produced by Andreas Mattsson (Popsicle/Hello Saferide etc), Lasse Mårtén and Björn Yttling (from Peter Bjorn and John) who was responsible for some records of Robyn, Lykke Li, Anna Ternheim, Lisa Miskovsky and many others.

Boom Boom Boom (Martin Vogel Remix)
Boom Boom Boom (Boeoes Kaelstigen Remix)
Boom Boom Boom (James Curd Remix)
Boom Boom Boom (Coucheron Remix)

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Anonymous said...

I have a question... If this is indie, than what are eurodance artists:)..:) Sorry, but it is almost eurodance:);)! I can't understand why lot's of artists want to label theselves to indie:)? Is it really so cool, to be an indie:)??:)

Anonymous said...

Ok it is electronic, not directly eurodance. I mean all their previous singles...:)But this one is certainly more dance, than ever... So who are those people, who label some artists to indie?
Stop doing it.. Is this some kind of desease?!
All electronic artists, what sound a bit diferent, than usually, or to be correct not a house or club, is nowadays called to indie...??? C'mon.. Wake up, they make this music already a few decades and i suppose it was mainstream as well...
Sorry, but i can't be agree with this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indie_dance
For me it is ridiculous...:) How mainstream artists can be indie? Specially if they have contracts with major record labels and sell millions of albums:):)?

Anonymous said...


Damian said...

Hi! :) I see your point. Well the clue to Firefox AK as indie-artist is in her first release that her electronic-sound has grown from, check tracks like What's that sound and Love to run on youtube to see what I mean. If you'd like me to describe her genre with only one word, I'd say first of all that it's electronic, yes. But music is not so simple term to limit it with just one label :)

AlanPF said...

The new song sounds great! Closer to Dragonette and the dance genre, but definitively worth checking it out.

Thanks for the remixes links!