Sunday, February 13, 2011

Da Buzz - U Gotta Dance v 2.0

Last Summer Da Buzz has announced about comeback of the project with new single "U Gotta Dance" and surprisingly Annika appearing alone on the cover leaving many questions for fans. Promotion of the song was quite... not confident and release wasn't too welcome due to sales but in a few months band has published new press-release about their comeback once again bringing re-made version of the song as soundtrack to "Let's Dance" show and only Annika Thörnquist with Per Lidén (with Pier Schmid leaving band for making another project Broken Door) being parts of new Da Buzz.
By some weird reasons there were actually no promotion, performances or anything so "U Gotta Dance" hasn't become hit again. And it's pity as upgraded song has become not less interesting, actually it turned to be completely different comparing with original. From straight pop-tune verses have become more dreamy and clubby in guitar wrap and deeper Annika's manner of singing. Male reverbed vocals in chorus also have added remix feeling but don't sound out of place at all. So we're still waiting and hoping for the third Da Buzz' comeback and this time for real and in full mode!

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