Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Anna Bergendahl - Something To Believe In

Anna Bergendahl's new album "Something To Believe In" is ready for release on October 24 and already now you can listen to all songs' snippets.
Earlier we've already got the first taste of the album with EP including songs which were already included in the album's tracklisting.
EP has given a probably too concentrated and dark core of what's new Anna is about, the album in common sounds as a lighter but still very sad, a little tired and undeniably beautiful autumn mix of country, soul and pop-rock in a basically ballad tempo. While on the first album Anna was in a search of her style now it feels that she has found her path, the album feels very holistic without any song looking unnecessary in a pack. No matter how successful this album will be this is the mature work to be proud of.

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