Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vicci Martinez feat. Cee Lo Green - Come Along

Titiyo's grand hit "Come Along" becoming a wonderful restart of her career back in 2001 (with Jocke Berg's album which is one of the best Swedish albums ever recorded in my personal list) has got a new life.
The song was covered by participant of The Voice's first season Vicci Martinez and one of judges - Cee Lo Green and has aready got an interest of European radio stations, Wonderful thing about this cover is that instrumental basically remains the same but still sounds fresh 11 years after release of original track.

2 коммент.:

Alexander said...

LOL! What a hideous cover. Seriously. Titiyo's original is far superior and still sounds amazingly fresh today.

Damian said...

What exactly so "hideous" in it, Alexander? Instrumental is almost the same, voices are not bad at all.