Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tommy Körberg & Danny Saucedo - I Can See Myself In You

New Danny Saucedo's single hasn't taken too long to be released after "All In My Head" and this time it's a long-awaited collaboration of Danny and his colleague by True Talent Tommy Körberg "I Can See Myself In You" that was written by not less than ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus and Tobias Gustavsson ("Jennie Let Me Love You", "Radio").
Young dance-pop singer joining old schlager-icon to perform anthemic classic ballad from legendary Swedish songwriter, where did we see it already? Ah, right, Agnes and Björn Skifs doing Jörgen Elofsson's "When You Tell the World You're Mine". But "I Can See Myself In You" has even bigger orchestral arrangement moving from dramatic piano intro to even more dramatic epic heights with a Nordic folk-touch. Song will be performed at Friends Arena opening on October 27th, the event whish should be broadcasted by SVT at 20.00 by local time. Among other guests you'll be able to see Loreen, Roxette, Agnes, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Icona Pop and many others.
You can check "I Can See Myself In You" below skipping at 13.20.

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