Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Julian & Marina - The Knight

All parts of BWO basically didn't stop creative process for a long time (probably except Martin) after band's splitting up. Marina Schiptjenko has come back to her old synthpop project Page and in the end of the last year she has started a brand new one - Julian & Marina with Julian Brandt (ex-member of Lustans Lakejer).
Last November they have presented the first animated video of "Moon And The Stars", soft dreamy synthpop track with Julian's vocal bringing a slight feeling of Nouveau Riche's stuff. Today we have a premiere of a new video for another track "The Knight" and it has turned to a dreamier, romantic and relaxed synthpop-ballad (this time it's much more about pop than synth).
Song will be released today on project's debut EP "Absence" that you can preview here.

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