Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Linda Sundblad - Det E Som Det E

Linda Sundblad's EP "Öppna Ditt Hjärta Så Ska Du Få" was finally released this September and has included previously released "Trasig", "Hur Kan Jag Sakna Nåt Jag Aldrig Haft" and four more tracks including new single "Det E Som Det E" which has got a video premiere today. Don't know why we have we lost "Intim" and "Händerna På Täcket".
On a new single Linda is coming back from mainstream (as mainstream as you can imagine new electronic Linda) dance-direction back to a soft melancholic synth-sound containing very catchy tune. Linda looks absolute fierce in her extravagant clothes in a video. She always knew how to surprise with original designs.
You can also find stripped verion of "Hur Kan Jag Sakna Nåt Jag Aldrig Haft" on the single.

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