Monday, October 8, 2012

Gravitonas - Hyperborea EP

Gravitonas is phenomenal Swedish pop-band at least by amount of songs released on EPs during these 2 years still without any full-length album but it's ok as long as guys keep on presenting fresh songs.
On a new "Hyperborea EP" band waves goodbye to a rockier vibes of previous "Black Ceremony " which would be rational decision as dance-tracks worked the best for the band lately. But it's not about only dance, there are actually just 3 dance-tracks and it's EP's best part.
Lead single of EP "Incredible" is definitely the biggest highlight of the record but dramatic "Desert Sky" with slightly "Euphoria"-smelling production (wondering if Bassflow worked on this one?) and Army Of Lovers-meets-BWO duo with Rebecca Stella "Borderland" are screaming to be new singles.
You can also find two covers of old Gravitonas' tracks "Realm of the Senses" (now "See Me, Hear Me, Feel Me, Touch Me") and "Break Me Up" re-made with Rebstar and melancholic pop-ballad "Love Hurts" with slightly thetrical feeling in verses recorded with Hungarian András Kallay Saunders.

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