Sunday, October 28, 2012

Darin - Stockholm

Sweden definitely missed Så Mycket Bättre! Already the first show has become success with covers from Miss Li and Darin going Top-2 on iTunes and The Sounds' Maja Top-10 - it's the trio I'm mostly looking forward through the season. TV4 blocks performances abroad so I'll unfirtunately need to fish youtube to share some best covers with you. And one of them already can be heard there.
New season has started with Pugh Rogefeldt's day, the artist I honestly never heard about before, but directly nice experiments to listen Miss Li, Maja and Darin singing in Swedish. We've got many Swedish pop-faves turning to Swedish lately - September, Sarah Dawn Finer, Linda Sundblad but probably Darin is the artist you feel this language turn the least. He sounds comfortable in both cases and has made Pugh Rogefeldt's "Stockholm" completely different and completely his own transforming it from a bright retro-pop to a dark haunting track with a heavy beat, a lot of tragedy and slightly RedOnesque synths of "Flashback" album.

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