Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eric Saade - Marching (In The Name Of Love) / Miss Unknown (Lyric Videos)

Both Eric Saade's singles "Marching (In The Name Of Love)" and "Miss Unknown" are finally out on iTunes and while they haven't leaked on youtube by fans the team has presented them officially uploading with lyric videos.
Talking about full versions of songs - we've basically heard full "Miss Unknown" in that snippet few days ago, honestly I find it weird being released as a single and consider it as some sort of bonus-promotion. "Marching (In The Name Of Love)" otherwise has become a bit different with my expectations, when the snippet was growing promising some killer anthemic club-chorus, it hasn't turned as dancey but still marching with a big beat (a little in a way of Loreen's "Crying Out Your Name") and really nice tune anyway.

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