Saturday, October 13, 2012

Petra Marklund - Inferno

Petra Marklund's debut album "Inferno" under her own name and music image is ready to be released next week and you can already check previews of album tracks here.
First Petra's single "Händerna mot himlen" has become as unexpectedly big as "Mikrofonkåt" was (since it was released you could rarely see it leaving #1 on iTunes) but album tracks basically don't go in a synth-direction of Så Mycket Bättre's "Mikrofonkåt" or "Kärlekens Tunga" so we can say that Petra has completely re-invented herself and it's only voice left from September on this album.
"Inferno" is still a pop-work and what is the best about it (what will let this record be one of the best selling albums in Sweden this year) this is not directly commercial and very artistic pop sounding like nothing you can currently hear in Swedish music. At the same time Jocke Berg's tunes and Petra's vocals are potentially very successful components which have become a strong ground of this project.
Though "Händerna Mot Himlen" has become a compromise between Petra's new common direction and dance-meet-strings concept for September's fans I bet you don't expect surprises like "Nummer", Petra's answer to Emeli Sandé's "Heaven", "Fred" which could easily enter any of Kent's albums or dark epic "Krig" with slight vibes of 90s Mylene Farmer.
"Sanningen" seems to be the most promoted so I guess it can be Petra's next single, check its acoustic performance on the radio below at 6.45.

Lyssna: P4 Riks: Petra Marklund alias ”September” sjunger ut ”Sanningen”

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