Monday, October 8, 2012

Amanda Jenssen - Ghost

Amanda Jenssen has already got two platinum albums behind and she's definitely aimed for another one, new Amanda's record "Hymns For The Haunted" is out on November 14th and earlier this year we've already got the first taste of it with a single "Dry My Soul".
Here comes another track premiered on the radio today "Ghost" which is basically Amanda to the bone but probably more 60ies than ever (I'd also say Amanda never sounded Amy Winehouse like this). Her first singles felt like much poppier version of new Amanda but probably this is how Idol-artist should leave compromises growing in his own way. The song is that type of beauty and atmosphere that only Amanda can deliver so her fans should be happy with this single.

Lyssna: Musikguiden i P3: Ghost - Amanda Jenssen

2 коммент.:

Kk said...

Звучит как идеальная дорожка к Бонду:)

Damian said...

С Бондом у меня ассоциаций не возникало, но я понимаю тебя, налет бондовских саундтрек присутствует :) Как тебе вообще Аманда?