Thursday, March 1, 2012

Roxette - It's Possible

Roxette's new album "Travelling" is planned for release on March 23th!
It's not that long left to wait and you can already see tracklist and the cover of the album here. Album is going to include 9 new songs, some live favorites of fans and some remade hits.
Should I even say that it's always utterly exciting to get some fresh music from these Swedish pop legends? So let's get excited a bit more. Band will release brand new single "It's Possible" already tomorrow and today we get a sneak peek of it.
The track blends classic rock'n'roll Roxette mood with modern production (how you would imagine Roxette-2012) probably even better than any track on "Charm School". I guess this is what I expected from opening track of "Charm School". It's a bit darker than "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)", a bit more mystic but it contains everything you love about Roxette.
You can listen to 90 seconds of "It's Possible" here.
UPDATE: Now you can listen to the full track.

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