Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nina & Kim in Så ska det låta

Melodifestivalen-2001 winners Nina Inhammar and Kim Kärnfalk have come back to participate in Så ska det låta against another schlager-icons Lili & Susie.
After split of Friends they've made their breakthrough winning Melodifestivalen with Nina and Kim have started working in duo releasing new album, coming back to MF and even making Stockholm Pride-anthem in 2004. We didn't hear anything new from girls since that so it was especially great watching them performing not just "Lyssna till ditt hjärta" but also "Waterloo" and "Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley".
Can Christer Björkman bring girls back next year? Yes, we've got two MF-winners flopping at MF-2012 but surely it was an exception and everything will be absolutely different next time, no?
Watch the show in its full version here.

Kim Kärnfalk & Nina Inhammar Allard - Änglamark
Kim Kärnfalk - Ännu doftar kärlek

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