Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gravitonas - Black Ceremony

It's a big week for Gravitonas's fans, the band presents a video for the latest single "Call Your Name" that has already got success on the radio in Eastern Europe and finally new EP "Black Ceremony" is out and you can already get a listen below.
Though "Call Your Name" has become surprising turn of band's direction to a club territorry whole EP sounds completely different refflecting the title, it's much darker, slower and rockier. Biggest highlights of "Black Ceremony" is epic rock-ballad "The Pain We Love To Hide" and "Live And Let Go" that sounds like a rock-sister of Robyn's "With Every Heartbeat". Army Of Lovers's fans will also be plesantly surprised finding dance-track "Sacrifice" - remaking chorus of "Crucified" and at the same time sounding quite BWOesque in verses.
In common EP feels like a new era for the band and this era is celebrated with "Black Ceremony".

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