Friday, March 30, 2012

Meloparty with Mimi Oh, Björn Ranelid, Loreen and David Lindgren

Getting ready for a weekend we've got some party mood from MF stars of this season with some fresh mixes for their competing entries.
Mimi Oh has released a pack of Soundfactory tracks, it's right that sort of schlager-dance mix that you can call a classic Soundfactory-sound.
Björn Ranelid's "Mirakel" has got three mixes - clubby Djurpark remix, dance Fas 3 remix featuring new male rap part and retro-version Motown Remix
Jacob Czitrom who has made the remix for last year's Dilba's "Try Again" has mixed David Lindgren's "Shout It Out" changing tune and wrapping it in modern radio-friendly dance-track still leaving its pop-fascination.
And finally lately we get so many worthy "Euphoria" mixes that Loreen could release like 2 maxis but this time I'd like to show you Tiger & Wolf Remix - amazing work and absolute dancefloor stomper.

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