Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adrian Lux feat. Dante – Burning

Adrian Lux is ready to release his massive hits collection on April 3rd. His debut album will include all of his music career biggest highlights - "Can’t Sleep", "Teenage Crime", "Alive", "Fire", "Boy", feels like dance record of the year so far. The only track I'm gonna miss is "Strawberry" which has become a big discovery of Adrian 4 years ago.
Instead we get a new single "Burning" that you can already listen to below. It's another strong club-track in Adrian's comfortable area feeling fresh though with Dante's credits vocal after the mostly female vocals on previous singles.

01 Burning (feat. Dante)
02 All I Ever Wanted (feat. Joakim Berg)
03 Teenage Crime
04 Weekend Heroes
05 Can’t Sleep
06 Angels
07 Silence (feat. And Then)
08 Boy (feat. Rebecca & Fiona)
09 Alive (feat. The Good Natured)
10 Wildheart
11 Fire (feat. Lune)
12 Leave The World Behind (Bonus Track)

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