Friday, March 2, 2012

Linnea Henriksson - Alice

Linnea Henriksson who has made impressive debut with Orup-written song "Väldigt kär/Obegripligt ensam" last year presents new self-written single "Alice" which is already tested on the radio and feels like something with even better commercial potential.
When Linnea's first single has become something completely different from everything you could hear in Swedish music today, "Alice" has much more recognizable sound breathing by Linnros-pop production but having a HUGE melody of chorus, as huge and emotional as probably only Swedes can write leaving it on the other hand very sweet, shy and bright.
You should skip at 0.33 to have a listen of this lovely track.

Lyssna: Musikguiden i P3: Alice - Linnea Henriksson

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