Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Darin - Right To This Point

Darin has made impressive comeback with new dance single "Nobody Knows" earlier this year and now he prepares 2 new mini-albums - one will be out already in April (April 14th as preliminary date) and the second - in August. Darin was working with Tony Nilsson, Lukas Nate Nathanson, RedOne and Arnthor Birgisson among others so this record is one of the most exciting releases of this year.
Yesterday Darin performed some of his old and new stuff in Stockholm's Nalen. You can watch him singing already well-known hits "Step Up", "Runaway", "Breathing Your Love", "Nobody Knows", "Viva La Vida" on youtube. But what is the most interesting he has performed completely new song "Right To This Point" - dark electronic pulsating track with Darin obviously coming back to his dance-area after Lovekiller ballad-period.

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Ekaterina said...

Тим негодяй и изменник!!! А как же мужская дружба? Играть для конкурента?:)))