Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Army Of Lovers - Rockin' The Ride

The biggest comeback of Melodifestivalen-2013 - Army Of Lovers reunion hasn't ended up with a proper success, the band hasn't qualified to the final with their new single "Rockin' The Ride" but expectedly has made a lot of buzz in media finally replacing La Camilla with Dominika and announcing release of new compillation "The Big Battle of Egos".
Except old hits and "Rockin' The Ride" compillation will include covers of Malena Ernman's "Tragedy", BWO's "Love Came Crashing Down" (as "Crashing Down") and the next single "Signed On My Tattoo" featuring Gravitonas.
Right now band is still active with promoting the first single and Alexander Bard expectedly supports new release with a bunch of mixes from Soundfactory, NORD and Madax that you can check here.

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