Friday, March 2, 2012

Linda Sundblad - Hur Kan Jag Sakna Nåt Jag Aldrig Haft

Three months after Linda Sundblad has presented a piece of her new track "Hur Kan Jag Sakna Nåt Jag Aldrig Haft" she finally releases it as a new single!
In a family of Linda's Swedish electronic singles this one is probably the most dynamic and the most close to a current dance trend staying in its own special area Linda currently builds though. We don't have any news about the album yet but we know that Linda has recorded more tracks in Swedish and the record that we absolutely expect to happen should be really hot taking into account all Linda's new music we've already heard.
Check "Hur Kan Jag Sakna Nåt Jag Aldrig Haft" in its full amazingness below.

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