Thursday, March 1, 2012

Charlotte Perrelli - The Girl

The latest schlager-trip of Eurovision-winner Charlotte Perrelli hasn't become as successful as it was in 2008, 5th place of semifinal that we expected to happen but still very sad about. Though Charlotte's new disco-anthem hasn't gathered enough votes at Melodifestivalen the single has appeared in iTunes-charts of Norway and Finland right after release and now Charlotte's ready for release of her new "The Girl" album that will include 8 new tracks.
Album snippets are already out here and as I did when I first listened to Charlotte's previous album in 2008 I directly in love with it. It feels really fresh and still Charlotte knows her safe area to bring joy to Swedish pop-fans to be paid by their love instead. It's also quite different from almost RedOne-smelling duo with Kate Ryan "Little Braveheart" and another disco-track with Kate's vibes "Dark to the Light" to r'n'b ballad like "Just Not Tonight" and JoJo-sounding "Closing Circles". It's early to judge by 30-seconds snippets but it's right time to get excited!

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