Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eric Saade feat. Dev – Hotter Than Fire

Brand new single "Hotter Than Fire" from upcoming Eric Saade's album "Saade Vol.2" is finally presented and it's featuring one of the recent very successful international pop-artists - Dev, girl responsible for this year's hit "In The Dark".
Eric (which is not usual for MF-winners) has managed to make another successful hit after "Popular" this summer - "Hearts In The Air" and seems like he plans to keep Sweden warm with a new single "Hotter Than Fire" that actually sounds better than whole last album in our opinion. Working with the same team on a second part of the album we don't expect anything completely different from heavily electrified Swedish dance-pop explored in the first part and "Hotter Than Fire" melodically feels a lot like "Echo" from "Saade Vol.1" but at the same time it's a big smart step to a heavier Taio Cruz-smelling sound, well-defined catchy tune and Eric's vocal being more emphasized. Dev's part is pretty sexy decoration of a track as well.

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