Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pieces of new Sebastian Karlsson's music in acoustic

This year hasn't started successfully for Sebastian Karlsson, after he has missed Melodifestivalen final and his latest single "No One Else Could" hasn't charted Sebastian needs much more work to bring him back on a way to massive audience and he works on it preparing new stuff for upcoming album that will be due to his own words more synth-sounding. Today he has performed new tracks "Growing again" and "Under the fire" in Nyhetsmorgon, it was in acoustic so final version can sound quite different but at least we can confirm that due to what we've heard new stuff's gonna be at least pleasant but hopefully properly strong - not less than "No one else could" that we still consider as one of Sebastian's best songs.


Sebastian Karlsson - No one else could
Sebastian Karlsson - Growing again
Sebastian Karlsson - Under the fire

2 коммент.:

Bizze said...

I really love the new songs ! Very strong lyrics !

Anonymous said...

yeah, really very pleasant songs