Friday, December 28, 2012

Darin in Tack för musiken

This is the autumn of Darin. Så Mycket Bättre has given him two new Top-2 hits in Sweden ("En apa som liknar dig", "Astrologen") and who knows how many hits new Darin's album can bring. The work has got release date - January 30th, the name - "Exit" and you can also check cover and tracklisting including single "Nobody Knows" and other tracks recorded with some big international producers like Jim Beanz, Sacha Skarbek, The Jackie Boyz and David Gamson here.
Tonight Darin has come back on TV to visit Niklas Strömstedt in Tack för musiken to chat, have fun and surely to sing his own stuff and covers of his favorite songs. Check the whole show here.

08.55 - Now And Forever (Richard Marx)
12.02 - Money For Nothing
24.14 - Lovekiller
29.28 - Apologize (OneRepublic)
35.12 - Eternal Flame (The Bangles)
41.00 - Why Does It Rain?
53.42 - Viva La Vida

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