Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Hoes - Happy Ho Ho Ho

Army Of Lovers or at least its female part is on the way to Melodifestivalen-2013!
There were a lot of rumours regarding Happy Hoes, the band of La Camilla, Dominika and Martin Johansson, aimed for the contest during last few weeks. Expressen has recently revealed that SVT accepeted La Camilla and Alexander Bard if they would return with Dominika Peczynski and Jean-Pierre Barda as Army Of Lovers. But according to Aftonbladet's article today it will more likely be Happy Hoes. Christer Björkman still hasn't decided but it's also revealed that the song written by Dr. Alban has become the best option for the band.
While waiting for decision we can enjoy newly leaked "Happy Ho Ho Ho" - Christmas disco-single in its best with a properly schlageristic growth and nice production. And I should mention this is the first Swedish proper Christmas dance-single of the year!

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