Monday, October 22, 2012

Nadia Nair - Bon Voyage

While Miriam Bryant promotes her grand debut single "Finders Keepers" in Sweden and Germany the team behind her has come up with another exciting pop-diamond.
This summer 24 years old Nadia Nair from Gothenburg was found by Miriam's producer Victor Rådström which has ended up in collaboration and the debut single "Bon Voyage".
The track is a very special mix of dark guitar sound, soul vibes, heavy electronic bass and Nadja's original deep voice which feels unique and hardly categorizable but as I've read mentioning of "Vodoo Music" in promotional text I think vodoo-pop is gonna be the best term for this song. It's not easy to come up with some outstanding concept not sounding like anyone else and still keeping a pop-charm and bringing a good tune these days but that's what we have here and that's what is the most adorable about "Bon Voyage".

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syama said...

great job Nadia! more please....