Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Man Meadow - Eaten Alive

Swedish pop-duo Man Meadow consisting of Niklas Vestberg and Fredrik Olofsson that have adorned previous Eurovision selecton seasons with two amazing Thomas G:Son written songs "Viva la musica" (2008) and "Love Is Gonna Get You" (2009) are back to present their new single "Eaten Alive" in a week of Stockholm Pride with following live performance at Thursday's Schlagergala.
"Eaten Alive" is a cover of Diana Ross' song written by Bee Gees and Michael Jackson and released in 1985. Man Meadow's version is a tribute to Michael and guys do exactly what fans expect from them making sexy electronic version with dark synth sound and expressive schlageristic choruses.
Release will also get SoundFactory mix, we can already imagine how it's gonna sound and we definitely like it!

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