Wednesday, November 17, 2010

September - Mikrofonkåt

Last week many of "Så mycket bättre" participants released digitally their covers (actually everyone but Plura) that turned to be quite logical promo-decision and though Petter took whole 3 singles to iTunes Top-10, chart was waiting for Petra "September" Marklund, her cover of Petter's song "Mikrofonkåt" has become real hit among tv-audience and when finally it was released on iTunes it's taken just few hours to reach #1 and right now it's still there!
If the highest September's entry in basic Swedish chart was "Satelites" (#4) can "Mikrofonkåt" beat it? I think yes and it's even more amazing start of new September's career stage in Sweden than we could imagine.
Already this Friday September will release her brand new single (along with music video) "Resuscitate Me" that we exclusively presented to you in its full version few weeks ago, so here's the time for another exclusive thing - new monster hit of September in Sweden "Mikrofonkåt" - great club track with infectious tune and heavy dancefloor base. Everything in best traditions of September so you're gonna enjoy it!

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