Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Loreen - My Heart Is Refusing Me (version 2.0)

The first foreign country to accept Loreen with all the love most of European countries has given to her later was Finland. And Loreen has paid back performing her second international single there tonight.
But the sad thing for her international fans is that according to Warner Finland press-info released earlier today this single is..."My Heart Is Refusing Me" in updated version.
Really wrong step in my opinion, I always loved MHIRM and still do but the song following 2010 dance trends is not looking like a big potential hit in the end of 2012 and why wasn't it promoted whole summer during Loreen's promotional gigs abroad in this case? I think "Sober" would be much better option and hope the album to be out very soon will include some worthy "Euphoria" follow-up to warm-up singer's radio-glory. And anyway I wish a big luck to this new life of "My Heart Is Refusing Me".

2 коммент.:

embry said...

You know, is less probably she will ever get out a single as good as Euphoria:)....She is kind of Lena number 2...

Kk said...

Мне Sober вообще не понравился. То есть не вызвала абсолютно никаких эмоций, в отличие от той же Юфории или MHIRM. Там хоть отторжение, но было. Правда, все равно понять не могу, как можно выпускать старое в качестве нового. И зачем?