Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moraeus med mera: Peter Jöback, The Hives, Alina Devecerski, Sanne Salomonsen

We say goodbye to Sommarkrysset, Allsång På Skansen and Lotta På Liseberg but we say hello to an autumn show Moraeus med mera with Kalle Moraeus as a host inviting some popular names of Swedish music.
Guests of the first show were Alina Devecerski with a new single "Ikväll skiter jag i allt" and her big hit of this summer "Flytta på dig" in acoustic, The Hives singing their old song "Tick Tick Boom" and single "Go Right Ahead" from the latest album (isn't that granny closing her ears at 00.32 brilliant? but no, I don't think that the song is so bad). Peter Jöback has shown his musical side singing "Music Of The Night" from Phantom of the Opera and Danish Sanne Salomonsen have performed hew #1 hit in Sweden "Den jeg elsker" back in 1988. Both were performing singles from their latest albums as well.

The Hives - Tick Tick Boom
Peter Jöback - Music Of The Night
Sanne Salomonsen och Peter Jöback - Den jeg elsker
Alina Devecerski - Flytta på dig

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