Thursday, September 6, 2012

Patrizia - Bag Of Bricks

First time the audience have seen Patrizia was Idol-2007 where she participated with Marie Picasso, Amanda Jenssen, Gathania and The Moniker. Big highlight followed by a complete silence from Patrizia. She was getting offers from songwriters and producers but was refusing them completely as it wasn't what in her opinion she was musically about. Finally she has met Anton Fahlgren that she has recorded song with and that's when Patrizia has found herself.
This June she has released the single "Bag Of Bricks" - beautiful track going right as experimental as you need to stick out in 2012 still having a strong pop-tune behind. Touching Patrizia's voice leads you through thoughtful electronic intro in an unhurried marching tempo to a big dramatic chorus.
Currently Patrizia works in a studio on a new stuff and we're really looking forward to get more of this talented Idol alumni.

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